California Stone-Milled Almond Flour

Quality You Can Taste

Gluten-free baking ingredients are in demand now more than ever. California Stone Milling sources our almonds from sun-drenched orchards in central California – the almond capital of the world. We use a traditional stone mill to grind the highest quality flours for wholesale bakery suppliers. Our bulk almond flour is used in cafes, bakeries, and restaurants across Europe.

State of the Artisanal

We combine state-of-the art processing and handling with artisanal stone mill grinding. This yields the lightest, finest texture – perfect for many commercial baking applications.

Baking Made Better

Almond flour is a delicious and nutritious alternative for gluten-free baking. We specialize in finely-ground blanched and unblanched almond flour, made from the best California almonds.

The Central Valley of California's abundant sunshine and nutrient-rich soil offers ideal growing conditions. We work with family farms to source GMO-free, naturally delicious almonds.
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