A Natural Fit, Pure and Simple

California Stone Milling’s focus on healthy, natural ingredients stems from our passion for people and the planet. We focus on producing the best almond flour from the greatest almonds in the world. We source our almonds from family-owned farms who are devoted to sustainability and a balanced ecosystem.

Water-Conscious Farming

The Almond Board of California works with its grower-members to research and implement water-saving efforts throughout the community. Over the past twenty years, California almond farmers have reduced the amount of water used to grow a pound of almonds by 33% through the use of microirrigation – targeting water applications directly at the roots instead of using flood irrigation or large sprinklers. The grower community has committed to reducing water usage by an additional 20% by 2025.


Another benefit of California’s almond orchards is the relationship between the trees and bees. Almond trees rely on bees to cross-pollinate from tree to tree each spring. Almond blooms provide the bees with their first natural source of food each year, and almond pollen is highly nutritious. Honey bees routinely leave stronger after visiting the orchards.

Zero-Waste Innovation

Many of our growers have also embraced the Zero Waste philosophy and are actively looking for new and exciting ways to use the entire plant. For example, the Almond Board is funding research into using almond shells as an additive to post-consumer recycled plastic and exploring feeding the almond hulls to insects, which are then used as poultry feed.