Our Process
: Ensuring Quality From Farm to Fork

Today, the sun-drenched, fertile Central Valley of California supplies over 80% of the world’s almonds. Almonds are the top US specialty product export and are used around the world in culinary delights, both savory and sweet. California Stone Milling works closely with local growers to ensure only the best almonds make it into our bulk almond flour.

The Journey of Our Almonds
from the Farm to the Bakery
Locally Farmed in California

We partner directly with family owned almond operations, allowing us to trace each bag of flour back to the land it was grown from.

We partner with the California Almond board and local farmers that care about the quality behind each of their trees.

  • Water-Conscious Farming
  • Bee-Friendly Practices
  • Zero Waste Innovation
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Sorting the Good from the Great

Each almond is handled with care as it makes the journey from farm to fork. The kernels are separated from the shell via mechanical sorting facilities. The premium almonds are then used to create our heavenly flours.

  • Shells and kernels are re-used as animal feed
  • Facility located in the heart of California’s almonds, reducing transport emissions.
  • Made with high grade premium almonds, learn more about almond grades here.
Preparation for Milling

As almonds arrive on site, they await in cold storage until it is time to be processed. The almonds are hand fed into our state of the art facility that conveys the almond into a cold press.

This machine mechanically separates the oils in the nut from the fibers.

Every part of the almond has value; nothing goes to waste!

  • Our cold storage facilities ensure the almonds stay fresh throughout the entire process.
  • Cold pressed almond oil acts as a great skin moisturizer
Stone Milling

The dried meal is conveyed to our company pillar, the stone mill. Here the meal is softly ground using traditional stone mill techniques, able to achieve the finest purity while preserving the nutrients of the almond. Our approach is slow and steady, allowing us to focus our time for the best results.

  • Stone Mills have lowest power consumption as compared to other milling methods
Bagged and Stored Cold for Shipment
The final destination in our almonds’ journey is packaging our products for you to enjoy. We offer in easy to handle 25 kg bags all the way up to 1 ton super sacks. This finished flour stores in cold storage until it is ready to make its final voyage: to you!
  • Each bag is hand filled and inspected on site ensuring only quality flour makes it in each package, guaranteed.
  • Vacuum packed bags allow the flour to retain its nutrients and bold flavor, just like it was on the tree yesterday!